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Download - Apprenticeship Levy 2017

Posted by Brian Coultrip on 20-Feb-2017 16:27:20

In the 2015 Summer Budget, the Government announced that it would introduce an initiative to support the demand for a major increase in apprentices by 2020, and to address the decreased focus on employee training outside of the workplace.

Set to come into force in April 2017 (with payments to begin in May 2017), the levy will require large employers to invest in apprenticeships, with the size of the investment dependent on the size of the business.

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Omega offers guidance to aspiring sixth formers at Marling school

Posted by Omega Resource Group on 06-Feb-2017 11:53:52

On 2nd February 2017, award-winning global recruitment company Omega Resource Group attended Marling School and Stroud High School Futures Day. The event, held in the heart of Stroud, Gloucestershire, welcomed a handful of local and national businesses to offer; careers advice, guidance and support to ambitious students in their final years of sixth form. 

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Download - Complying with the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Posted by Brian Coultrip on 03-Feb-2017 16:52:40

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is aimed at fighting crimes of corporate slavery and human trafficking. These illegalities take various forms including servitude and forced labour. The UK government recognises that businesses can help combat these crimes particularly with increased transparency in supply chains.

Many organisations are already taking action to promote ethical business practices and policies that protect workers from being abused and exploited in their own organisation and global supply chains.

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Download - Revolutionising Supply Chain Management: Industry 4.0

Posted by Brian Coultrip on 24-Jan-2017 09:51:39

The term ‘Industry 4.0’ has raised eyebrows within the manufacturing sector. The logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation industries are going through a time of rapid and unprecedented transformation. The future of these industries is paved with innovation and technology. It was not long ago that ideas like 3D printing and augmented reality were things of science fiction. Today, merchants and service providers within these industries are cautiously adopting these technologies to provide faster, cheaper, more efficient and sustainable business practices.

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Omega boost staff numbers for Anovo as part of 2017 recruitment drive

Posted by Omega Resource Group on 12-Jan-2017 17:37:46

Global technology repair business ANOVO seeks 200 Norwich based technicians as part of recruitment drive in 2017.

Norwich-headquartered ANOVO will boost staff numbers over the coming months, following two new strategic contracts as part of significant growth.

ANOVO, an Ingram Micro Company is hiring 200-plus technicians and production operatives in Norwich. The City-based company - boasting a nationwide footprint - has secured two significant contract wins, creating the requirement of additional positions in 2017.

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Download - Do you have a workforce strategy for 2017?

Posted by Brian Coultrip on 09-Jan-2017 16:54:23

As the year of 2017 is now upon us, most hiring managers have been given their allocated hiring budget for the year (or for at least for Q1), and are getting a better perspective of the expectations of their team. In order to meet company and team objectives, a hiring manager must first evaluate whether their workforce should be re-structured, expanded, reduced or left alone in conjunction with current economic conditions.

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Fast Facts: The British Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Omega Resource Group on 22-Dec-2016 09:32:55

The UK is currently the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world. Overall, the UK’s industrial sector has increased by 1.4% a year since 1948, according to a recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The ONS attributes the sustained growth to a better quality, more skilled workforce; a shift in production from low to high productivity goods; improvements in automation and ICT; increased investment in R&D, and a more integrated global economy. We have compiled an overview of the sector, just for you. 

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Christmas Charity Festivities

Posted by Omega Resource Group on 20-Dec-2016 14:09:10

Christmas, an occasion filled with togetherness, happiness and joy. What better way to spend a pre-Christmas Friday afternoon opening presents and wearing festive jumpers?! On 16th December, we welcomed Emma Getvoldsen, our chosen charity and Group employee currently on long-term sick leave, back to the office. 

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Download - Win the war on talent!

Posted by Brian Coultrip on 15-Dec-2016 11:02:18

The war on talent refers to today’s increasingly competitive environment for recruiting the best talent. In a nutshell, there are simply not enough candidates for the amount of jobs out there – and as a result, companies are struggling to not only attract but also retain the best candidates. Whilst this is great news for candidates with in-demand skills who are being handpicked and wooed by companies fighting to attract and secure them, it’s not so great for the employers out there.

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Omega Resource Group Charity of 2017 - Emma Getvoldsen

Posted by Omega Resource Group on 14-Dec-2016 14:24:55

As part of Omega Resource Group's long legacy of supporting local charities every year, in 2017 we will be fundraising for Emma Getvoldsen. Emma is the Group Internal Recruiter for Passionate About People and has been for over 2 years, but unfortunately, since January she has been on long-term sick leave due to a very rare condition. 

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