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Everything you need to know about the apprenticeship levy (including a free calculator)  

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Apprenticeship Levy Final.jpgIn an attempt to expand the total number of apprentices in England to three million by 2020, the Government has implemented an apprenticeship tax to be charged to large employers, which will be
introduced in April 2017.


The following document will give you an overview of the Apprenticeship Levy; who needs to pay it, how it’ll be collected, how employers will benefit, choosing Government-approved training and much more. 

To make it easier, we have included a free 'Apprenticeship Levy Calculator' for you to use to calculate how much monthly and annual Levy you will owe!

 Included in this guide:

  • What is the Apprenticeship Levy 2017?
  • Who needs to pay it and how will it be paid?
  • What do employers get from the Apprenticeship Levy?
  • Choosing and negotiating apprenticeship training
  • How small employers are also affected
  • A free ‘Apprenticeship Levy Calculator’

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Omega have also created a second guide in the Apprenticeship Levy series providing comprehensive advice on Choosing a Training Partner.