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Steve Fulwell Employee of the Year Awards 2018: Winners and runners-up announced for each division!

Posted by Ben Paling on 19-Nov-2018 13:01:30
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Employee of the Year - a chance to shine amongst your colleagues. Every year is the same, you (and your colleagues) pretend like it's no big deal and you're "not bothered this year", when in fact, in the lead up to voting day, you go home every night plotting how you can grab yourself some extra votes by squeezing in an extra tea round for your team or setting up 'you vote for me, I'll vote for you' false promises.

With jokes aside, it's an extremely important occasion here at Omega Resource Group, as we use it as a commemoration for ex-employee Steve Fulwell, who tragically lost his life in 2010. Steve was a one-in-a-million recruiter who always put people first and was genuinely motivated by the satisfaction of finding people work. Hence, since 2010, we chose to rename the award: Steve Fulwell Employee of the Year. 

The rapid expansion of Omega and it's Group has meant that we've had to split the main award into various divisional awards to ensure that all of our staff have an equal chance of claiming the throne. So, the awards up for grabs were as follows: 

Steve Fulwell Employee of the Year: Omega Resource Group (Technical & Industrial Division)

Our Technical & Industrial Division forms the backbone of our company, with the majority of recruitment consultants working with companies in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Automotive sectors/industries. 

For the first time ever, we had two runners-up and two winners (both received equal votes), and were awarded to the following:


Runner-up #1: Danny Stokes, Industrial Recruitment Consultant 

Danny joined the Industrial Division in June 2017 and has since grown into a remarkable recruiter in the 'fast-lane' of Industrial recruitment. Whilst his job can (sometimes) be stressful, his bottomless charisma and ability to meet clients' hiring standards has shone amongst his team and company-wide!  

Runner-up #2: Paula Mroczkowska, Recruitment Support Officer

Paula joined the Recruitment Support team in April 2017, and she has not stopped working since! She really is the true meaning of 'graft', always puts her colleagues first and bakes some quality deserts! You certainly are part of the furniture now! 


Winner #1: Kris Smith, Senior Recruitment Team Manager

Having joined the Technical Division as a Resourcer in August 2010, it's safe to say that Kris has definitely excelled during his stay at Omega. Six promotions later, Kris presently manages 10+ Recruitment Consultants at Head Office and remains an inspirational figure for our Trainees and Consultants. 

Winner #2: Amy Harris, UK Operations Manager

In 2006, Amy joined us as a Technical Recruitment Consultant. Having had multiple roles and more presently, managerial roles, she is now responsible for managing and implementing our UK-wide projects for our Engineering/Manufacturing clients. Her commitment (and patience) is clearly noticed and is certainly worthy of the Steve Fulwell award!


 Pictured left to right: Danny Stokes, Paula Mroczkowska, Kris Smith, Amy Harris and Rick Towers

Steve Fulwell Employee of the Year: Omega Resource Group (OnSite Division)

Our OnSite Division consists of multiple offices across the UK embedded in our OnSite clients' premises, acting as a central hub for our OnSite workers and offering a fully-managed MSP (Managed Service Programme) for our clients.  

The runners-up and winners of the award in the OnSite Division were as follows: 

Runner-up #1: Carys Walker, Account Consultant (Gloucester)

Carys joined our OnSite Division in 2017 and has since worked tirelessly to support one of our largest accounts in Gloucester. She is a caring individual who treats her candidates and clients equally, and as a result, her candidates tend to tell her more than they ever would their parents! She's supportive, polite and has so far delivered 170 advisors for her account during the peak period this year.    

Runner-up #2: Anna Pawelek, Account Coordinator (Northampton)

Anna joined us permanently in 2018 in Northampton after a long temporary period. She's a high energy individual who is completely infectious with her approach and keen to support with long hours and is consistently available for clients both in and out of hours. She recently built our Daventry contract from 0 - 90 over the last three months through working collaboratively with new worker pools!


Winner #1: Alexandra Wheeldon, Account Manager (Swindon)

Alex joined us all the way back in 2004 and has since overseen 2 key contracts with the Omega OnSite Division. She has worked extremely hard to manage a demanding client overseeing a substantial & market leading recruitment and selection process, with a consistently strong delivery. She manages a team of up to 15 individuals, is well respected by her peers and completely deserves her gold medal. 


 Pictured: Carys Walker (unfortunately, neither Anna nor Alex from the OnSite Division could make it to Head Office for the awards) 

Steve Fulwell Employee of the Year: Omega Resource Group (Back Office Division)

Our Back Office Division consists of all the staff who work 'behind the scenes' to ensure all operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This includes our HR team, Marketing team, Finance, Payroll & Accounts teams and Administration teams. 

The runners-up and winners of the award in the Back Office Division were as follows:

Runner-up #1: Sharon Atkinson, Finance Director

Sharon has been with us for 7 years and, since her arrival, has significantly improved the financial management of Omega Resource Group. Always smiling, always helpful and always working! In the words of one of her colleagues, "Sharon has consistent high levels of work and continuing support of the business whilst faced with many changes and challenges within the Finance team."


Winner #1: Trudy Chudleigh, Receptionist

Ah, our Trude. Possibly the most thoughtful, friendly, helpful and happy person to ever land on this Earth. Winner by a landslide, her constant support and humour is clearly appreciated amongst her colleagues. We'll end on this pleasant quote from one of her colleagues, "Trudy will always say hello and take time out of her day to talk, will help anyone who needs her assistance and makes everyone smile!" Well done Trude, a deserved winner! 


 Pictured: Trudy Chudleigh (unfortunately, Sharon was not available at the time of photos being taken)

Well done to all the runner-ups and winners, you were all voted for by our colleagues and officially the Employee(s) of the Year for 2018! 

For those of you looking to win the big prize in 2019, you best start factoring in that extra tea run! 

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