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Employers appraisal pack & guide (including two customisable appraisal templates  

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Employers appraisal pack and guide new new.jpgIn a typical work environment, managing and reviewing employee performance is a key aspect to improving employee productivity, motivation and arguably the most important, keeping them feeling valued in their position within the business.


The following guide includes an overview of managing/reviewing performance, tips on how to prepare and conduct an appraisal and two appraisal templates.


Please note: the appraisal templates are in Microsoft Word format and are fully-customisable to meet the criteria of your business.

 Included in this guide:

  • How do you manage and review performance?
  • 3 types of performance reviews
  • Key points on how to prepare for an employee appraisal 
  • Key points on how to conduct an employee appraisal 
  • 2 customisable employee appraisal templates

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