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Omega download - Your complete gdpr video guide and interactive presentation

Omega Download:

Omega_GDPR Video Guide and PresentationIn the final guide of our GDPR series, we offer our entire range of GDPR content from an exclusive seminar, written and delivered by the partner and Head of Commercial, IP and IT of BPE Solicitors. 

The GDPR is due to be implemented on the 25th May 2018, but there are still UK businesses that have yet to design a strategy to ensure GDPR compliance. This pack offers a complete overview and recommended action plan for UK employers. 


Included in this guide:

  • An Interactive PowerPoint Presentation
  • GDPR Seminar Video 1: Introduction
  • GDPR Seminar Video 2: Data Protection Principles
  • GDPR Seminar Video 3: Lawful Processing & Consent
  • GDPR Seminar Video 4: Data Subject Rights
  • GDPR Seminar Video 5: Controller’s Duties
  • GDPR Seminar Video 6: Business Contracts, Data Breaches and Impact Assessment
  • GDPR Seminar Video 7: International Transfers & Data Processing
  • GDPR Seminar Video 8: Penalties & Action Plan

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